Appealing Benefits Denials for Public Sector Workers

It can be particularly important for public and federal sector workers in the District of Columbia to understand the protections and rights attached to employee benefits. Since benefits packages for public employees can often be quite valuable, they are a major incentive convincing people to prefer a government job to a corporate alternative. The dedication to community — and, at times, lower salaries — of government workers are rewarded with secure, generous benefits that include health insurance, disability protection and extensive retirement plans.

Because these benefits programs can be significantly different than those in the private sector, you may need to know more about government programs to successfully appeal a denied benefits claim. When you’re struggling to pay medical bills, being denied treatment can be a serious blow. However, it is possible to successfully appeal benefits denials and receive the compensation or coverage that is rightfully yours.

The appeals process for denied benefits claims for federal workers and other public employees can involve government agencies and regional organizations. Employees may need to seek redress before the Merit Systems Protection Board (MSPB), Office of Personnel Management (OPB) or even local boards of education.

A benefits denial for a public sector worker can lead to financial devastation. However, our skilled federal benefits lawyers have extensive experience in successfully representing workers in appeals and grievance hearings. Since they have significant knowledge of benefits law, our lawyers can work through the appeals process and work for positive outcomes. If you would like to learn more about ERISA benefits and the public sector, visit our page on employee rights.