Denials of Benefits Claims for Public Employees

If you’re a public sector or federal employee in the Washington, DC, area, you likely enjoy greater benefits than employees in the private sector. Your benefits package may include generous retirement, disability and medical benefits.

Along with the differences between the benefits packages, the processes for filing benefits claims are also different for public sector and federal employees. When you suffer an injury, become disabled or decide to retire, it can be devastating if your claim for benefits is denied.

If a denial occurs, you can appeal the decision. It’s important for you to understand how to appeal a denial of your benefits. If you make mistakes during the process, it can result in the denial decision remaining in place. To appeal a denial of your benefits, you will need to make certain that you meet all of the deadlines and gather evidence that can support your claim. You will also need to be prepared to appear before an agency or board for your hearing.

At the Clark Law Group, our attorney, Denise Clark, handles appeals of benefits denials for workers in the public sector and federal government. She has appeared on behalf of her clients before various boards of education, the Office of Personnel Management and the Merit Systems Protection Board. Our legal team helps clients to understand the process and assists them with gathering supporting documents and other evidence that they need to submit in their appeals. We have helped many teachers and public sector employees secure the benefits that they have earned. If you are a public sector or federal employee whose claim has been denied, read our page about enforcing benefits claims to learn more.