Erisa Benefits Claims Litigation Can Protect Wronged Workers

Under the law, Washington, D.C., employers do not need to provide their workers with employee benefits like disability insurance or retirement plans. However, many workers specifically choose their jobs because of the attractive benefits on offer, and employee benefits can help companies secure the best and most experienced workers. However, once those benefit plans are in place, companies have an obligation under the Employee Retirement Income Security Act (ERISA) of 1974 to handle those benefits responsibly and act according to the workers’ best interests. If you are facing serious problems with your benefits, you first need to understand your rights under ERISA.

ERISA requires that certain standards are upheld in the private sector. When benefits plans deprive workers of much-needed claims or squander retirement funds, entire communities of people may be devastated. On an individual level, an unjust disability benefits denial may lead to severe financial suffering for you and others who depend on you. You may be relying on those funds to cover your housing, medical costs, or transportation needs, and an unjust denial can leave you struggling to get by or even pay for your medical treatment.

Our attorneys are experienced with ERISA benefits claims, and for over 30 years, they have been representing workers who have had their benefits claims wrongfully denied. We know the most effective techniques to pursue for gaining compensation that has been successful for workers in the past. You may have a claim based on interference with your rights, and improper benefits denial or a breach of fiduciary duty by the plan administrator.

If you have had your benefits claim denied, or your retirement fund has been run down due to misconduct, you may be able to pursue a claim. Please visit our ERISA benefits claims litigation page to learn more about these claims and your rights.

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