Public Workers Face Complex Benefits System

Many District of Columbia residents have built their careers in the public sector. One thing that can make these jobs so appealing is the exceptional benefits they offer, often significantly superior to those available to workers in the private sector. Government and other public service employees often have strong insurance packages that include disability, retirement and health benefits. However, even people who believe they can rely on great benefits may be shocked by an unjust denial or a dismissed benefits claim.

When you are denied benefits as a federal or public employee, the process you go through is also different than that for employees of private companies. However, the costs can be massive, and many workers cannot afford to let a denial of a claim stand. People may find themselves unable to make ends meet or cover the costs for necessary health care. If you are nearing retirement age, it may be particularly important to protect your rights under your benefits plan.

A skilled benefits lawyer could help people facing unjust claim denials to fight back and protect their rights. Federal and public workers must contend with a number of specific systems in the process and may raise grievances before entities like boards of education, the Office of Personnel Management or the Merit Systems Protection Board.

Our experienced lawyers have represented a number of public sector employees in successful appeals. Navigating the system can be especially challenging for workers dealing with disabilities and health problems, especially given the complexity of federal law related to public workers’ benefit rights. An attorney with knowledge of benefits claims could present a strong case with a solid legal foundation that can help to protect your rights. You can learn more at our page onĀ federal employees’ benefits claims.

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