Recognize Your Value by Adequately Negotiating Your Contract

Your experience and talent are valuable. Despite that, employer often do everything they can to get the best deal possible. While an executive employment contract can help lock in the terms of your work with an employer, these multifaceted contracts are often difficult to fully understand without some sort of legal insight. And you certainly shouldn’t just blindly accept whatever contract is passed your way. You need to be aware of your value, see the long-term effects of contract terms, and be prepared to negotiate for a favorable agreement.

Terms We Can Help Review and Negotiate

As we mentioned, there can be a lot of issues addressed in an executive’s employment contract. Some of them are pretty straightforward, such as the length of your employment and your salary, but others can be a little more complicated. Terms pertaining to severance packages, bonuses, and non-competition can be a little more nuanced. Even ERISA compliance can become an issue right off the bat. You shouldn’t be afraid to challenge some of these terms if doing so is in your best interests. After all, the employer has come this far, so they probably really want you onboard.

At our firm, we work with our clients to ensure that they are getting the best deal possible and that they can make the fully informed decisions that are right for them. We have decades of handling these matters, so we know where employers try to skirt around the benefits you deserve. In addition to reviewing and negotiating contracts, we fight for our clients when the terms of their employment contract have been breached, thereby maximizing their chances of recovering what they are owed so that they can focus on the future in front of them.

Don’t Let Yourself Be Cut Short

Far too often, employment contract exploit workers, including those in executive positions. Don’t let that be you. Instead, think about securing the legal assistance you need so that you can protect yourself as fully as possible while being truly valued for your work.

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