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Government Employees Deserve Benefits, Too

Government workers are just as entitled to their benefits as anyone else, but bringing issues to the attention of the federal government can feel intimidating. You need a trusted federal employee benefits attorney from Clark Law Group, PLLC, in Washington, D.C., or Chicago in your corner. Each federal employment attorney from our firm has extensive experience dealing with federal claims. You’ll get attentive legal counsel and assertive representation when you work with us.

Don’t Let Benefits Slip Through Your Fingers

Sometimes, securing your benefits isn’t cut-and-dry. That’s when a federal employee benefits attorney is necessary. You could have issues claiming your retirement. Maybe you can’t continue working and need a disability claim. Maybe your service is spread out over different agencies, and you’re questioning whether your coverage is fully represented. No matter what you’re dealing with, you can depend on us for legal help.

Discrimination & Unlawful Termination

If you are a federal government employee who is facing discrimination or has been unlawfully terminated, talk to one of our attorneys right away. We are ready to use our decades of experience to fight for your rights. Don’t try to take on the federal government alone. We are here to help.

Federal Employment Attorneys in Washington, D.C, or Chicago

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