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Enforcing Benefits Claims for Public & Federal Sector Employees

Federal and public service employees receive stellar benefits that are unavailable to many private-sector workers. When you dedicate your career to teaching in the classroom or assisting others throughout the community, you are rewarded for your commitment with generous packages that cover disability, health insurance and retirement benefits.

As the structure and policies of these plans differ between public and private sector employees, so does the process for appealing a denied benefits claim. If you are struggling with a medical issue or are nearing your retirement, your inability to receive the financial assistance you’ve earned can have devastating consequences. Successfully appealing a rejected benefits claim requires a professional with a specific skill set.

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Employee benefits are one of the important aspects of your job because they either reflect your long-term service in the company or provide you added security when something goes wrong. Hopefully, when you file your claim to receive your benefits, those benefits will not be denied. However, if you receive that denial letter, you need experienced counsel to help you with your appeal or your litigation.

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