Wage & Hour Litigation Attorneys in Washington, D.C.

Help for Unpaid Wages

At Clark Law Group, PLLC, we understand when an employer is knowingly cheating its employees. We also know the law and which steps to take to rectify the situation. We can help if:

  • Your employer is not reporting your hours, hourly pay and deductions on your pay stub
  • Your employer does not follow the law when it comes to work duties and break time (for example, requiring workers to work before they punch in, over their lunch break or after they punch out)
  • Your employer does not pay you time and a half for any hours over 40 hours in a week that you work, depending on the type of work you do
  • Your employer is not paying you at your agreed-on wage rate or salary
  • Your employer is not paying you an owed commission or bonus

No matter what type of job you have – in a restaurant, construction, landscaping, banking or retail – the team at Clark Law Group, PLLC is here to help. We serve workers of all types throughout the Washington, D.C., area, including union and federal workers.

The Wage & Hour Help You Need Today

Employers can make mistakes. Some employers actively work to cheat employees out of the wages and compensation they are legally owed. When this happens, we can help. We can help with hourly wages, including minimum wage, unpaid hours, off-the-clock work, unpaid sick and vacation time, bonuses and changes that affect your work because of telecommuting.

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